Employment Services Workers Petition

Supporting Employment Services Workers

The Australian Services Union is the Union for all workers in Employment Services in Australia. 

You work to help people find work. Your work is essential – now more than ever. That’s why your union, the ASU, has launched a petition calling on the Government to value and respect the work of employment services workers.

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The Fair Work Commission has decided that workers in Employment Services on the Labour Market Assistance Award won’t receive any pay increase until November. 

Other essential workers received a 1.75% pay increase from July 1st.

Employment Services Workers deserve better recognition and to be properly valued for the work you do.

That’s why we are calling on the Government to:
• Support an immediate pay increase for employment services workers
• Provide increased funding and support for employment services to safely help people find and keep employment during a global pandemic and recession

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Join me in supporting employer services workers by signing this petition so these essential workers can get the pay they deserve.

Why is this important?

This unfair decision comes at a time when employment services are under more pressure than ever. There are nearly 1 million Australians out of work. Employment Services workers are going above and beyond to help people find a job, working from home, putting in long hours. The demand for employment services is only going to intensify and it will be harder and harder to find placements for people, especially for disengaged and vulnerable job seekers.

You deserve better recognition and to be properly valued for the work you do.

Join up and sign the petition now.

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The ASU is the union for employment services workers.

The ASU is campaigning for better support for employment services workers during COVID-19.

We also help members work safely. A safe workplace is one where everything that can be done to minimise the risk of Covid-19 is done. A safe workplace is also one where your employer, and your union, support you to ensure workloads are safe and manageable.

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For Employment Services workers, contact your
Australian Services Union State or Territory Branch:

The Services Union Queensland: (07) 3010 4498
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ASU WA: member.service@asuwa.org

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Authorised by Emeline Gaske, Assistant National Secretary, Australian Services Union.
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